Why Scotland and Iceland?

Whatever gave me the idea to go to Scotland and Iceland?

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Scotland & Flag

For Scotland it was for three reasons:

1.       I had been to Scotland before and only saw a small bit of the Highlands and Edinburgh for Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve celebration) in 2012.  The landscape was beautiful in the dead of winter, so I pinky swore to myself I had to come back during the summer.

2.      The show Outlander…need I say more?

3.      I love nature and needed some serious 1 on 1 time with it to recharge.

For Iceland:

I gleaned bits and pieces of Iceland from movies, shows, Instagram, and my general curiosity of what this foreign land looked like during the day.  I had actually stopped in Iceland years ago during the middle of the night as a layover back to the United States.  Due to my sleep deprived mind at the time and lack of sunlight to see anything out of the window, I only have a magnet on my refrigerator to memorialize the fact I was actually there. 

Random OriginaleeMe (OM) fact: I collect magnets of every place I’ve visited.  If it’s a magnet and it’s on my fridge, I had to have been there or now I have to go there.  That’s the rule! 

Retrieved from https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=IHZxe7pq&id=AF55719FB5CFB0745FB09A581AEF89F042A1931F&thid=OIP.IHZxe7pqD2an_OslQUmBlAHaE_&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2f3.bp.blogspot.com%2f-iZYg6UvXpXY%2fV3LCA_xj5ZI%2fAAAAAAAAS_g%2f_UyQ9G5FlqA_9cpejOWyomGFiTvCnffLgCLcB%2fs1600%2fIceland-Flag-Map.png&exph=1079&expw=1600&q=iceland+flag&simid=608023142456035318&selectedIndex=1
Iceland & Flag

So, the fact I had a magnet saying I had been to Reykjavik needed more than a memory of a barren airport, right?    

**Update** Upon my return, I added my new Iceland magnet on the fridge next to my old Iceland magnet…. that’s when I realized I had been displaying Iceland a quarter turn off for years.   My apologies Iceland, I know better now!


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